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Commercial Trade

fishing.jpgAs early as the Qing Dynasty Peng Chau was already an extremely prosperous trade market. Wing On Street, the main street in front of the Tin Hau temple, has more than a 200 year history. In its heyday the daily street fair there would have shops and vendors of everything to satisfy the daily needs: foods, spices and sauces, teas, writing sets, fishing nets, farm fences, live butchers, an inn, delicacies from the sea, a tailor, housewares, tea houses, raw materials for medicine and so on. Peng Chau had quite the selection in those days and the island could be self-sufficient.

greenmarket_s.jpgBut as the most important trade center in the area, the customers and vendors weren't just the fishermen buying the essentials. The villages on East Lantau and other nearby islands would plant the melon vegetables, paddy rice and raise chickens to sell to the Peng Chau residents or to wholesalers. Furthermore the trade steamships often stopped on Peng Chau to pick up provisions, like grain and water. And when the local fishing fleet came ashore for the summer, one could imagine what a grand occasion and spectacle it was.


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