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Student Ecology Day Camp 學生生態日營

Eco-tourism: "from appreciation of nature to studying it" - the elementary student to educate a set of tree"

Introduction: Trees have the indissoluble bond with humanity and have contributed lasting achievements to it. How are trees thought of by primary school students as well? Let us appreciate them and study them together!

Place: Peng Chau

Date: Arrange in advance, though rescheduling is possible

Time: Arrive early at the Central Ferry Pier #6 to catch the 8:20 am ferry. Arrive at Peng Chau at approximately nine o'clock. The return trip will take the 4:55 pm ferry. {Timing for Monday to Saturday. Sunday scheduling will be different.}

Cost: Adult $90.00
below 12 years old $60.00
(for every 20 students, 1 teacher is free)

Group: minimum 20 people, maximum 40 people."

Travel Itinerary:

  • 09:00 am Green Peng Chau Association will greet the group at the Peng Chau Ferry Pier
  • 09:15 am Arrives at the classroom, introduce your chosen "nature name", and get to know one another
  • 10:00 am What is eco-tourism and what are the eco-tourism rules
  • 10:30 am Audio/Visual Presentation: Understanding Peng Chau
  • 11:00 am First close contact with "Ms. Green Tree"
  • 12:00 noon Help plant a "Baby Green Tree"
  • 12:30 pm Lunch
  • 1:30 pm The eco-tour starts
  • 2:15 pm Second contact with "Ms. Green Tree"
  • 3:00 pm Share your thoughts and play a game
  • 3:45 pm Living in harmony with nature and Hopes for sending "Ms. Green Tree" your love
  • 2:00 pm Share
  • 4:30 pm Returns to the Ferry Pier
  • 4:45 pm Goodbye "Ms. Green Tree"

Preparations for the Eco Day Camp

  • In order to coordinate the ecology education, please supply lunch for each student and accompanying adult. Please be sure to pack a healthy picnic meal.
  • Supply for oneself the meal box, cup and cutlery for eating lunch.
  • Please do not bring junk food, such as potato crisps, shrimp crisps. Instead you should bring dry or fresh fruits or nuts.
  • Choose a "nature name". This may be your favourite animal, plant, insect or nature picture.
  • Bring a notebook and pen to record your memories and new information
  • Wear a thin long sleeve shirt, sun hat, umbrella, wet towel, handkerchief as necessary
  • A happy mood and openness to learn and appreciate your surroundings
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