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Ecotourism: a sustainable way of travel

On the Earth Submit ( June 14 1992 ) held by the UN, leaders of 182 nations agreed on the agenda for 21 century stating that the destruction of environment posed a direct impact on the development of economy; and that the environment issues should be taken into consideration with economic development.

Tourism is one of the largest economic sections. In the past, the development of tourism had ignored the issue of sustainability. The destruction of ecosystem, pollution brought stagnancy that has been experienced in many countries also shows its effects in Hong Kong. A new, sustainable way of tourism is emerging.

Ecotourism is the answer. The old mode of tourism (prepaid traveling package) is so superficial that short stops, shopping, photo-snapping can totally describe the entire trip. No more than a blurry impression! Ecotourism offers a different experience and brings the fun of travel back .

Eco-tourism Ecotourism transcends the old frame of reference. The city dwellers are brought back to nature, learning the local history and culture with respects, experiencing their ways of life as how to live harmoniously with nature. This experience is genuine and reflective. Ultimately the personal transformation leads to the transformation of public attitudes. The green messages spread.

GPCA has seen this need. With Peng Chau's potential for Ecotourism , we had started researching for the historical, cultural and ecological information on this island. With the hard work and after analysis and reorganization of this information, we had initially developed two ecological routes and one heritage route.

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