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"Zero pollution island ﹣ Peng Chau"

tree1.jpgPeng Chau is only four kilometers from Hong Kong Island, but it has a striking contrast with the city. As soon as the tourist steps foot on to Peng Chau, a feeling of relaxation and ease will overcome the visitor. Children are extremely happy because there are no dangerous streets and cars. Instead there are broad spaces, where they may run all over the place. The lack of traffic also makes the broad spaces popular with the elderly, who like to sit under the Chinese banyan trees, enjoy the sea breeze and gossip. Peng Chau also retains the traditional festive atmosphere, which is rare in today's modern metropolis of Hong Kong.

baryontree1.jpgThe Peng Chau resident lives peacefully and more relaxed in the leisurely environment and enjoys cleaner air. Relations between the residents are friendly, and even though the community has diverse backgrounds, it still retains a high level of community spirit. Until now, Peng Chau has the lowest crime rate in all of Hong Kong.

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