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Festival of Peng Chau (incomplete)

Peng Chau is a tiny island but you can find festivals of different scale and style.

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Festival Lunar Date Festivities
Hung Sing Ye's Birthday 洪聖爺誕 Thirteenth Day of Second Moon 農歷二月十三日 Lights Incense As A Sacrifice To Honour Hung Sing Ye
Tin Hau Festival 天后誕 Twenty-third Day of Third Moon 農曆三月廿三日 Cantonese Opera Performances 神功戲
Kam Fa {Lady Golden Flower} Festival 金花誕 Seventeenth Day of Forth Moon 農歷四月十七日 Lion Dances To Celebrate Kam Fa's Birthday
Dragon Boat Festival Fifth Day of Fifth Moon 農曆五月五日 Dragon Boat Racing
Lung Mo's {Dragon Mother} Birthday 龍母誕 Eighth Day of Fifth Moon 農歷五月八日 Island Associations Provide Dragon and Lion Dances. Candles and Incense Are Burned To Honour Lung Mo.
Seven Elder Sisters Festival 七姊節 Seventh Day of Seventh Moon 農歷七月七日 Formerly many Buddhists made offerings for this celebration, but now fewer and fewer make sacrifices.
Tin Hau Island Parade 天后行鄉
(Unique to Peng Chau)
Twenty First Day of Seventh Moon 農歷七月廿一日 Resident Associations and Tin Hau parade around the island on an inspection tour and to bestow blessings on Peng Chau's inhabitants
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