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Recent History of Peng Chau

kilnfactory1.jpgAdditionally Peng Chau was also once a well-developed industrial island, 11 limekiln factories were in operation back in the Qing Dynasty employing hundreds of laborers. People made a living by working in these factories or going out to the sea to collect corals, oysters and bivalve shells for burning to make ash. Quite a number of them went into business or agriculture.

Fishery 1958 Match Plant The 1960s could be seen as the golden era of Peng Chau's industrial period. Following the decline of the limekiln industry, the largest factory in Southeast Asia for making matches began to establish in the northwestern coast of Peng Chau, employing more than 2,000 workers at its peak. Other factories included large-scale ones for steel pipes, teak furniture, shipyards, tanneries and so on. Light industry also flourished such as light bulb factories, cane-weaving industry, many other types of handcrafts of "make-shift factories". In addition, the ceramic-painting processing workshop enjoyed great popularity at the time. These industries only provided job opportunities for the local residents. People came to work from as far as Hong Kong and other islands.


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