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Green Market

綠色墟期 Traditionally, every weekend, local and neighboring businessmen and artists gathered together in a market place to sell their products, not only as a matter of trade and economics, but also as a regular social gathering for the residents. Based on this belief, our green market will be established and held every weekend and on holidays for three months.

In recognition of the principle of community involvement, we have invited the different NGO representatives and local residents to participate in the planning and implementation of the "green market" plan. We planned to launch the "Green Market" in October of this year. However, we are having problems in receiving approval for using the public space from the Government. Accomplishing goals that require coordination and cooperation with Government, residents and local NGOs is not an easy task to be achieved.

"墟市 the stall includes:"

  • "Local crops"
  • "Organic crops"
  • "This locality produces food; For example: Non- pollution bean curd and local farm egg and so on"
  • "Decimal nationality handicraft"
  • "The local inhabitant does handicrafts"
  • "Place snack (family type self-restraint) Local snacks (homemade family-style)"
  • "Green stall game"
  • "Street corner performance; Awakes the lion, the Chinese martial arts, tai chi, China dances, performance and so on acrobatics"

"What a pity this plan has not been able to attain to area of institution the Hong Kong government admits and the support, now only scan temporarily put aside until has the new opportunity in addition."

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