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The Bagua (the Eight Diagrams) Ancient Well

octowell.jpgIn the beginning of time a legendary figure named Fuxi created a pair of symbolic signs that are of far-reaching meaning: "一" is the yang (positive) pole and "一一" is the yin (negative) pole. By overlapping and arranging these two signs in sets of three poles to make different forms, he created the Bagua (Eight Diagrams) related to the 8 orientations with projection to related things and people: heaven, earth, wind, thunder, water, fire, mountain, lake; simultaneously representing the eight points of the compass: east, west, south, north, southeast, northeast, southwest, northwest; and the 8 solar terms: Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, Vernal Equinox, Autumn Equinox, the Beginning of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

There was widespread use of the Bagua in Chinese folk culture. It is said that properly tapped into the ether, the Bagua would disperse an inexhaustible energy. Thus it was very popular those days for people to make Bagua fields, Bagua towns and Bagua streets, hence the Bagua Ancient Well of Peng Chau.

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