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Community Organic Farming

organic1.jpg Before the 70s, Peng Chau was self-sufficient in terms of the vegetable supply. The farming has been declining since then. The newly educated generation viewed farming as low-status and harsh works. The unwillingness to continue the farming tradition allowed the farming fields to become desolated.

In fact, many Peng Chau farmers used only the underground water and natural fertilizers, avoiding the artificial fertilizers. In 2000, government opened a new market that removed the possibly incomes of local farmers who could not afford the rent of the market. The farmlands became further abandoned.

organic2.jpg Community organic farming is a project to rekindle farming in Peng Chau. With the help of Green Peng Chau association, Fishery and Farming Department and the Organic Farming Association, idea of organic farming was introduced to the local farmers. The experienced organic farmers and scholars were invited to offer lessons to the local farming on the advantages of organic farming, and encouraged the local farmers into the organic farming. It has been also proposed that the produces are sold in the green market locally or exported to Discovery Bay or Hong Kong Island. We hope the local farm fields may become productive once again.

organic3.jpg Since the project was introduced, two organic farms were opened: Happy Farm in Tai Wo and Canoe Farm in the Tai Long Tusen.

Since GPCA encourage organic farming in the Island, at least ten small scale organic farms have been set up in Peng Chau, we hope the numbers will be increase and we are always willing to give advisory support to new farmers.

The Zen Organic farm

The Zen organic farm has been hand over to a new farmer. We are looking for new partner to run a new small scale organic farm for education purpose. Any one or party who are interested in set up an organic farm please contact Ms Sannie Chan at 29838234 or email

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