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Peng Chau Ecotour

To let tourists take on an experience of nature's truth, goodness and beauty, to become aware that nature and man are closely bound up with each other. Ultimately it is our hope that the tour will awaken people with the wisdom to live in harmony with nature.

Special Features:

pengchau.jpg Tourists can have a firsthand understanding of how the development of a place as well as its local culture are fundamentally affected by the natural environment. They may find that the local environmental changes and destruction are closely related to the so-called "modernization drive", thus they may personally feel the effects brought by environmental changes upon us human beings! We hope to invite them to feel and ponder.

tour2.jpg Many people have made acquaintance with Lantau Island, Cheung Chau, Lamma Island, etc., but only a few have ever been to Peng Chau, and fewer (including government officials of the HKSAR) still know much about its history, local culture and bio-diversity. Until these last two years in-depth investigation by volunteers of the local Green Peng Chau Association uncovered that Peng Chau was a historical island with an abundance in bio-diversity. Originally Peng Chau was a shoal providing habitat for human ancestry. Surrounded by the sea, it was found to be rich with fresh underground water, enabling inhabitation by people as early as the Neo-Stone Age. Privileged by its proximity to the estuary of the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea, its encompassing coastal area provided a superior oceanic ecological environment to marine lives. Consequently this coastal area boasted an abundant production of seafood. Dating back to the Qing Dynasty, Peng Chau was already a prosperous fishing port and a trading centre. In its prime era, more than 200 fishing boats operated in the area.

lanternbug_s.jpegOnly four kilometers away from Hong Kong Island, the environment in Peng Chau posts sharp contrasts with the city. Once setting foot on the island, tourists feel relaxed and happy. Children go wild with joy, instead of dangerous roads or speeding cars, vast space for them to roam. Moreover strong traditional festive ambience still prevails on the island, rather rare in Hong Kong where modernization is everywhere. People here live in an environment of tranquility, unsophistication, simplicity, fresh air (free from pollution by cars) and leisure (free from stress caused by city life). There is harmony, friendship as well as the spirit of community co-operation among residents.

Many ancient relics are preserved on the historical island and some of which are listed here:

Though Peng Chau was once a small industrial island, it has preserved 70% of its greenery and 60% of its natural coastline. The scenery on the island is delightful, filled with twittering birds and fragrant flowers, abundant foliage, a rich bio-diversity; the attractions lead to no end.

Having an area of less than one square kilometers with a bio-diversity comparable to other nature spots in Hong Kong, this small island is not to be taken lightly. Here are some preliminary records already confirmed; we will further explore and research on the rest:

Currently, GPCA offers english tour on demand based. Please email us a request on tour and dates. We will try our best to accommodate your request. However, due to limited human resources, we cannot guarantee the actualization of any event.

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