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Chi Yan School

Chi Yan SchoolChi Yan School was found in 1930, had more than 70 years history, the old school rooms were reconstructed in 1939. The expense of the school construction were donated and supported by the local business and the residents. Initially there had been only 10-20 students. All students had to pay respect to Kong Zi (Confucius) before started their first day of study. Under influence of feudalism, boys were regarded superior to girls. Hence, only a very few girls studied in school.

The teachers in the old days were general poor. The proverb said,"If not poor, who will not teach." Yet the teachers strictly followed "teaches not strictly, the teacher's lazy" teaching, wholeheartedly nurtured their students.

"Industrious, Simple, Honesty, Virtuous" were the school's exhortation to their students.

In the peak time, Chi Yan School had 300-400 students studying in the morning and afternoon secessions. There were total three primary schools in Peng Chau with 800 students at that time. The islanders were influenced by the government promotion of small family. The birth rate were dropped resulting less students.

Now, the old school rooms have transformed into music rooms. All the students in Peng Chau are going to schools in Hong Kong Island.

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