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Lung Mo or Dragon Mother Temple - 龍母廟

It is believed that Lung Mo lived near the West River early in the Qin and Han Dynasty and was to be presented a royal award.

dragonma.jpgAccording to a YueCheng ancestral temple tablet record: Lung Mo was born Wen Shi during the time of King Yu Ch'uhuai on the eighth day of the 5th month during the Qin Dynasty (290 B.C.). Lung Mo had foot long hair whose looks were admired like extraordinary jade. Few women of the time possessed the grace or the intelligence of Lung Mo. every person in the dense crowd gazes at the heavens and speaks of people's fortune and disaster, and teaches about avoiding haste, and that everyone should answer and question, gradually will people believe the person is more and more heavenly and eventually conclude they must be a god. One day, Lung Mo was fishing by the waterfront and picked up a stone, which has light all over the surface. After seven months and 27 days, the stone suddenly splits open and out comes five snake-like lizards. Lung Mo raises them and from now on they will linger at Lung Mo's side. After an accident, the five little dragons vanish in the river. After five years, they reappear at the waterfront with their body covered over in scales again of 5 colours and stripes. After Lung Mo looks, pleasantly surprised, and from this time on the five adult dragons continuously accompany Lung Mo. The monarchy at the time thought the appearance of real dragons to be an auspicious omen. In the 36th year of Qin Shihhuang (211 B.C.), Qin Kung sent a special envoy with presents of gold and jade to bring Lung Mo to the palace to meet the Emperor. LungMo was not willing to agree with this request. The envoy is disgruntled and compels her to go on board his ship. After ten days, the ship arrives at the boundary of Guilin, when in the deepest night, the five dragons suddenly appeared. One of them at night delivered the ship back to the starting point of the trip. This was repeated many times, and the special envoy realising he had no alternative, because of the sincerity of the feelings of the five dragons, appealed to Qin Shihhuang to cancel his orders. Only when the order was cancelled was Lung Mo allowed to go home.

After Lung Mo died of old age, the five dragons transformed themselves in to scholars and handled the funeral ritual and moved Lung Mo's grave to the north shore of Jiangwen.

At that time Marquis Jin Kang Chun was pleased to construct the Lung Mo Temple. Under this temple flows the West River, far met Nanan hills, on the mountain Bai Lu, Huang Yuan, the white crane, the reactionary and the person communicates, mutually did not alarm. It is said Long Mu is the carp incarnation, therefore Lung Mo's believers do not eat carp.

五月八日為龍母誕Hong Kong pleased Long Shengyuan the original address in Kuiyong, the 60's last stages because the subway development is compelled to move, results in the dragon mother to instruct moves to the level ground continent, geomancy of boundary the level ground continent Long Mumiao very high, the mountain surrounded by water hugs, is close geomancy of with the pleased city ancestral temple."

"Every year the lunar calendar on May 8 for Long Mutan, same day the all quarters friendly letter and the clubhouse all pays respect also is equipped with the temple fair, the incense and candle prosperously lively extremely, Long Mu signs Wen Ihen to be effective. Long Mumiao manages Mr. Li Soviet and Ms. Huang Hsichuan, frequently cooks the beautiful monosodium glutamate room with to have the reason person 結緣."

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