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Peng Chau Eco-tour Guide Training Content

The United Nations declared 2002 The Year of Eco-tourism. The 21st century traveling is not merely for business and to shop, but also to enjoy and savour the history, local culture and ecology of traveling destinations. As a result of various countries' geography, climate, and natural environmental differences, there is a broad diversity of beauty, history, and culture for a traveler to sense, learn, and enjoy, so long as we observe carefully.

pengchau1.jpgAlthough small, Peng Chau has an extremely rich history, local culture and ecology. Therefore in the last two year Green Peng Chau Association and their associates have gathered lots of information on the history, local culture and ecology in order to develop two eco-tour routes. This has provided the basics for Green Peng Chau Association's eco-tour guide training programme.

baryontree.jpgIn order to coordinate the Green Culture Island sustainable community development plan, Green Peng Chau Association has trained eco-tour guides, who love nature and appreciate the unique local history and culture, in order to promote tourism on Peng Chau and to provide employment opportunities for those with an interest in nature.

Eco-tour Guide Training Class Curriculum:

Class Sessions Content
Class 1 Introduction to Ecotourism How tourism industry in the 21 century can tap in nature and culture resource Introduction to ecotourism on Peng Chau Island
Class 2 Ecology in Hong Kong Ecology resources in Hong Kong and on Peng Chau Damage on ecology by urban development
Class 3 The history and culture of Peng Chau, Eco-route design Understand the history and culture of Peng Chau Learn to design Eco routes
Class 4 Marine Ecology Marine ecology and marine organisms in Hong Kong and in Peng Chau
Class 5 Birds and Insects Techniques on bird-watching. Study of birds and insects in Hong Kong
Class 6 Plants and Geology Plant species and geology on Peng Chau Island
Class 7 Tour leader training and nature appreciation Techniques to lead a tour to appreciate nature
Class 8 Mountaineering and First Aids Basic mountaineering and first Aids training. Certificates will be awarded by the session organizers.
Class 9 Written test, sharing on adventure counseling
Class 9 Practical test

A student have to take the test and lead a simulated eco-tour after the entire curriculum has been completed. Upon completion of the course and passing the teacher's verification, Green Peng will issue an eco-tour guide certificate and the new eco-tour guides may officially lead Green Peng Chau Association eco-tours. The eco-tour guides will be provided an allowance of HK$200 to HK$400 for each tour depending upon the size and other considerations.

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