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Waste Reduction

Peng Chau is a small village and residents are usually environmental friendly, especially old people who almost reuse every bottle, plastic bags and containers. Actually most of the so call rubbish such as paper, plastic, old clothes and aluminum or metal etc is being recycled, therefore, in such a small island we have two recyclers (Business). Here are some pictures, to share with you about how Peng Chau residents reduce at least tons of waste from Peng Chau and Discovery Bay.

All the domestic refuses of Peng Chau are shipped off the island to one of landfill side in Kowloon, it is very environmental unfriendly.

By reducing the total overall quantity of refuses, we help, on one hand, the government to save the cost of managing refuses, on the other, to achieve a greener environment.

We are currently running the waster reduction project. At this phase, we have help to set the cycling bins (that collect paper, plastic bottles and cans) in two locale and like to the increase the locales in near future.

We believe that the education is the key. Due to the limited resource, we are not planning any active program at this phase. If you are interested in helping us, please contact us.

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