Alliance Church (基督教宣道會坪洲堂)
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The Church Alliance Meeting Hall was officially established in 1956 on Peng Chau. The base address originally preaches for China to meet the gospel hall all, at that time free loaned, therefore above the middle age the level ground continent neighbor called area the Nanwan, is close to level ground of the Ding Kueifang to proclaim for the gospel hall."
Peng Chau has steady development during the 60s and 70s. At the beginning of the 60s the Alliance Church opened the preschool to provide inhabitants with an education service. In 1987 reconstruction was completed on the new hall for the church to continue to work hard to testify to Jesus' love in the community of Peng Chau. This tiny community is devoted to proclaiming the reality of Heaven to the crowd. When Peng Chau entered the 90's, the island lacked work opportunities and additionally the needs of families, which forced many residents to move out one after another.

Dark green mulberry field. Today the appearance of Peng Chau is already entirely different from former days. The mission of the Alliance Church though is invariably as clear as it was before: to testify the Good News of eternal life in Heaven for those that believe in Jesus Christ and to to teach their Peng Chau neighbors to be able not to fear death and the evil in this chaotic world and to live the beautiful friendly life. For the near future, many in Peng Chau will face many limits, however the Alliance Church will forever advocate Jesus and will tend to the many, as if tending to a farm, without seeking rewards, because the harvest for the Lord's farm comes from Jesus' justice and Love.

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