About us
We have been serving the community for 30 years !!!
Green Peng Chau Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 by a group of islanders and young people, who love and care about the nature and Peng Chau. We are committed to promote public awareness and environmental education, concentrating on Peng Chau's environment and local culture. Our long term goal is to help the locals to build a sustainable economy based on the Island's unique culture and environment. Ecotourism, Organic Farming and Green Market are a few examples of work that is proceeding to achieve this goal.
Over the past ten years, Green Peng Chau Association has been constantly fighting for the environment. We have relayed information on pollution problems to the government, for example, the untreated dumping building refuse water into the beach and the campaign against a new cargo bay. We also have held environmental awareness activities like Environmental Workshop for Kindergarden and Primary students, Tree Planting Day, Beach Cleaning Campaign, Talk A Greenlife, Life and Environment Exhibitions, Ecotours, Ecotour Guide Training Courses, Cycling Programs and so on. Other achievements include the Commission of Environmental Protection and Ambassador of the Environment Day Camp. Our organization has been invited to other districts for environmental talks, workshops and exhibitions. As many events are currently running, we are helping to develop a sustainable economy for Peng Chau.
Our Accomplishments
1. Peng Chau :Winner the Living Villages 2005 Read More>
2. Winner of the Sustainable Development Fund (06/2004-05/2006)Read More>
3.The First Peng Chau Organic FarmRead More>
2. GPCA, Monitored and Prevented the Negative Effects Of Peng Yu Path Family Trail ConstructionRead More>
3. Monitors The Effect of Reclamation Project Read More>
4. GPCA Helped To Reach The Agreement On Re-sanding The Tung Wan Beach Read More>
5. GPCA helped to save the Iconic Giant Euphorbia Read More>