Peng Chau Ecotour& map
experience the Uniqueness
A specially designed ecotour that combines Ecotour & Human cultural aspect, in this tour you will have a first hand understanding on how Peng Chau culture and its natural environment has been evolving while affecting each other in a undetachable manner throughout history.

We invite you to come feel and ponder this magical island. Ultimately, we hope that you will to experience nature's truth, goodness and beauty. learn the importance of living in harmony with nature.
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Here are 3 trails we recommend (For self traveling, you might get a map to follow the trail),

1. South-east eco Trail
2. North-east eco trail
3. Heritage Trail
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Meet at Pier in Peng Chau
English, Chinese
Min. 10 people per booking
Peng Chau, once a small industrial island, it has preserved 70% of its greenery and 60% of its natural coastline. The scenery on the island is delightful, filled with twittering birds and fragrant flowers, abundant foliage, a rich bio-diversity; the attractions lead to no end.

In this tour we will explore,
-Exclusive insight into the history, local culture and bio-diversity of Peng Chau, and "modernization drive"

- Visit unique ancient relics and learn about the background stories in relationship to Peng Chau

- During and depending on the trail, you might encounter,
a. Some of the 100+ kinds of birds on the island.
b. Herbs and trees that are found exclusively in Peng Chau.
c. More than 40 kinds of corals around Peng Chau
d. If lucky, Chinese white dolphins and river dolphins are regular visitors of neighboring waters.
e. The fengshui woods.
GPCA offers English tour on demand based. Please email us a request on tour and dates. We will try our best to accommodate your request. However, due to limited human resources, we cannot guarantee the actualization of any event.
Peng Chau Map
A beautiful hand drawn map that shows where you might go and visit. You can buy this map from the list of places below,
Peng Chau Map
Eco-tourism rules
Before we being enjoying the nature, there are some rules we must learn & follow,

1. Don't leave your trash in the nature, dispose them appropriately.
2. Do not take away items that belong to nature, so everyone can enjoy those natural items.
3. Do not feed the wild animals.
4. Does not clamor and frighten other living things.
5. You should enjoy nature with your mind and five senses.
6. Bring a handkerchief, reusable water bottle and eating utensils for yourself.
7. Avoid purchasing products that are nonessential and especially those that can pollute the environment,
8. Do not waste food and electricity.
9. Don't smoke in the open area and smoke only in specified locations. Be sure to thoroughly extinguish all fires before leaving.
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