Restaurants In Peng Chau
The Smell of food is EVERYWHERE!
hoho kitchen
hoho kitchen (新寶馬)
HoHo Kitchen offers a good variety of Chinese and Asian cuisine, but one that is an absolute must-try for all is their signature dish, a crispy pineapple bun filled with ice cream .
Tel: 2983-8218
The second serve
The second serve Cafe
Second Serve Coffee attached to a unique multi-ball sports simulation training facility offers a superb range of imported Coffee & Cakes as well as All Day Breakfast Cups & Blended Drinks.
Paris Restaurant
Paris Restaurant (巴黎餐廳)
Authentic Borscht (Red Soup), Sirloin Steak, American Beef Tenderloin, Baked Pork Chop Rice with fresh Tomato and Cheese
Tel: 6681-9833
The edible Projects
The edible Projects
A café that is run with Autistic youths, it aims to construct a café business that have both community services and local culture.
Tel: 6087-1753
Island Table Grocer Cafe
Island Table Grocer Cafe
A small local cafe run by 3 sisters. Specialized in homemade pastries, pizzas as well as handcrafted drinks.  They also sell unique cooking ingredients from around the world.
Tel: 6019-7694
Express Restaurant
Express Restaurant (快車)
Excellent Seafood, Steamed Crab with egg white is a must try
Tel: 2983-8756
Ma Fa Cafe
Ma Fa Cafe (孖發)
Not expensive, got a huge variety of food to choose from
Tel: 2983-0680
Hoi Hing Long Restaurant
Hoi Hing Long Restaurant (海興隆)
You either get a meal or get a special drink of bubble milk tea here, or both!
Tel: 2983-0600
Chok dee thai food
Chok dee thai food (南昌美食)
Its Tasty Thai Food! What else
Tel: 5115-9548
Kee Sum Cafe
Kee Sum Cafe (祺森)
The Infamous Prawn Toast in Peng Chau
Tel: 2983-0554
Mui Tao Seafood
Mui Tao Seafood (球記妹頭海鮮)
Where you can the Freshest Fish! Reserve first! because it very popular.
Tel: 2983-8831
mr Chan's Chicken
Mr Chan's Chicken (雞翅陳)
Started as trolley selling fried chicken on the street, the shop is now settled and best known for their fried chicken wings
Shing Hing Restaurant
Shing Hing Restaurant (勝興)
A famous Traditional tea house famous for their dim sum, especially their hand made fish balls.
Tel: 2983-0340
A Noy Bakery
A Noy Bakery
A Traditional Hong Kong style bakery that was hand down to a Thai woman
Tel: 9804-3522
Dak Hing Snack store
Dak Hing Snack store (德興)
You can find many traditional Chinese snacks here
Tel: 9804-3522
Siu Wah Restaurant
Siu Wah Restaurant (瑞華)
A small restaurant for breakfast and lunch
Tel: 5116-2452
Honey Sweet
Honey Sweet (甜蜜蜜)
A historical restaurant that has been running in Peng Chau for more than 20 years.
Tel: 2983-9520
Wing Zai Congee Shop
Wing Zai Congee Shop (榮仔粥店)
Super delicious congee + freshly made rice roll
Tel: 9207-8231
Peng Chau Seacoast
Peng Chau Seacoast (海岸)
A restaurant thats at the Central - Peng Chau Pier
Tel: 5229-3043
bike coffeeman
bike coffeeman (騎住鳳凰沖咖啡)
The cafe started with a youngster riding on bicycle and selling coffee to travelers
Tel: 6532-4161
The Old China Hand Bar
The Old China Hand Bar
A small cozy bar to chill at
Kim Yuen Restaurant
Kim Yuen Restaurant (金源)
Fried Spaghettis, MUST TRY!
Tel: 2983-8831
Wah Hing Restaurant
Wah Hing Restaurant (華興)
The most tasty salt baked chicken ever!! Price is super down to earth
Tel: 2983-9363
Peng Chau Restaurant
Peng Chau Restaurant (坪洲冰室)
A restaurant opened in the 1970s, It is famous for its Prawn toast
Tel: 2983-0002
open if available
open if available (得閒開舖)
A snack shop that sells fried food
Tel: 9468-2325
Joy Inn
Joy Inn (囍筷)
A Semi outdoor Chinese restaurant
Tel: 6223-6389
Come Be Rich Restaurant
Come Be Rich Restaurant (行來發)
Chinese restaurant
Hoi King Seafood Restaurant
Hoi King Seafood Restaurant (海景)
Another Dim Sum place in Peng Chau, you can bring your own seafood there
Tel: 2983-9588
chi Mei Dumpling
Chi Mei Dumpling (知味水餃)
Dumpling store opened by a Beijing woman, the dumpling is as original and as tasty as it gets
Tel: 6689-5646
Yummy Cafe
Yummy Cafe (美味閣)
A restaurant that mainly does takeaway chinese food
Tel: 2983-9200
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