Lung Mo Temple (Dragon Mother Temple)
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Lung Mo is the god of river, whose belief originated in the lower reaches of the Xi jiang River during the Qin and Han Dynasty.
According to the stele of the Ancestral Temple of Yuecheng, Lung Mo was born on the 8th day of the fifth month in 290 BC. When Lung Mo was born, she had a long hair and a beautiful appearance. It is said that, since her youth, she has been very accurate in her fortune telling and have help many people to avoid misfortunes, so people gradually started to call her a god. One day, Lung Mo was walking by the river and picked up a very shiny stone. After seven months and twenty-seven days, the stone suddenly cracked and five snake-like lizards emerged. Lung Mo took care and raised them since then. One day ,in an accident, the five lizards got lost in the river. Five years later, they reappeared on the river bank, covered in colourful scales. Lung Mo was very happy to reunion with dragons. Since then, the five dragons have been staying along with her. Dragon appearing is seen as a sign of auspiciousness in the Qin era. In the thirty-sixth year of Qin Shi Huang (211 BC), the Emperor sent a special envoy along with presents of gold and jade to welcome Lung Mo into the palace. however, Lung Mo was unwilling to accept the offer. The envoy was displeased and forced her to board the ship. Ten days later, the ship arrived at Shi'an County (present day known as Guilin). As the ship arrives,(Late at night), the five dragons suddenly appeared and sent the ship back overnight. After repeating many times, the envoy felt helpless and touched by the sincerity of the five dragon, and decided to let Lung Mo go home after report this to emperor.
When Lung Mo past away, the five dragons turned into scholars and handled the funeral ritual as if they were human. The five dragon set Lung Mo’s grave to the north bank of Jiangwan.

It is said that the Lung Mo is the incarnation of a carp, so Lung Mo disciple avoids eating carp. The original site of the temple was in Kwai Chung. In the late 1960s, it was forced to relocate due to the development of the subway. After asking lung Mo with prayers, it was ordered to move to Peng Chau as the Feng Shui is similar. The Lung Mo’s birthday is celebrated on May 8th of the lunar calendar every year. On that day, all faithful and guild halls come to visit and there is also a temple fair. The host of the Lung Mo Temple, Mr. Li Su and Ms. Huang Xijuan, often cook delicious vegetarian dishes and get acquainted with people who are destined.